Photographs: Digital pictures of waterfowl and wild birds
Photos- mainly 3456 x 2304 pixels:
Also digital photographs of domestic ducks and geese e-mail Chris and Mike or Phone 01938 554011  

Abyssinian Yellow Bill
Upper Blue Nile
Cape teal
Africa: Bechuanaland, Uganda and Africa southwards

[Tribe Cairinini]
North American Wood Duck

Falcated teal
[Tribe Mergini]
Long Tail
[Tribe Mergini]
Breeds on Arctic coats of Europe, Asia, N America

Merganser Tribe Mergini

Pintail [Dabblers]
Northern Pintail: Northern Europe, America and Asia; winter further south

Pochard, European

Rosybill [Pochards]
S. America - Chile, Argentina, Uruguay
[Pochard group]

[Dabblers] Common Shoveller: Breeds in Europe, Asia, North America. Winters further South.

Left - New Zealand Shoveller
 Stiff-tails [Oxyurini]

Above:North American Ruddy duck

Left: White-headed
Mediterranean at Slimbridge