Steinbacher geese

The Steinbacher was probably first introduced to the UK from Germany in the 1980s and was standardzied here in 1997.
It originated in former East Germany as a cross-breed of the local geese with the Asiatic Chinese. It may also have been bred from a cross with the Tula - the Russian fighting goose. The Tula itself was bred as a cross between the western greylag types from Europe and the eastern birds developed from the swan goose. Either way, the Steinbacher is a fusion of eastern and western blood, but is a truly unique breed. The best thing about this breed is the temperament. Supposedly bred as a fighting goose (Kampfganse), these are the tamest, most amenable geese we have ever kept. Brothers brought up together can be kept in the same flock without fighting, and birds which are brought up to be tame stay confident with people for life.
It is not a big breed. The standard weights are 11-15 lbs. The plumage, in pure specimens (homozygous for blue), is a beautiful pale blue. The breed also occurs in a darker blue (heterozygous for blue) and grey (not blue).

Photos of Tula, and blue and grey Steinbacher below.

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Grey Steinbacher female