Pictures and Colour genetics of Indian Runner Ducks
Runners are not from India - find out more

Fawn Runners in Bali

Fawn Runners, plus Fawn-and-White, were the original colours imported into the UK. Fawns were first exhibited at Dumfries in 1876, while Fawn&whites were also shown at Kendal in 1896.
The Indian Runner Duck Club’s Standard of 1907 described only the Fawn-&-white. Since then the UK Runners have been standardized in White, Black, Chocolate, Cumberland Blue, Mallard, Trout, American Fawn&White.  More recently produced are the Apricot and Blue Duskies, Silver ('Streicher') and Apricot Trout (Blaugelb in Germany, 'Saxony')
Crossed with other types of ducks, the Runner produced nearly all the Light Duck breeds (such as the Campbell and the Abacot Ranger)  which have a lower carriage than the true Runner. There are now many standard colours of Runner in the UK, and several more in Australia and Germany

The Fawn Indian Runner is native to the East Indies. Photographed by Duckrus in Bali, this flock shows the beautiful warm ginger fawn described in the Standards. Imported as 'skins' by Wallace, and as live ducks by Walton in 1909, this is the basic colour. The ducks described in 1835 at the Zoological gardens UK fit the Fawn.
The genotype from the Far East is light phase dusky with the brown gene. Light phase results in a ragged bib in the male; dusky removes the eye stripes and pigments the under wing.
In recent years, the Blue gene has been added to the basic fawn resulting a in the colour sequence: Fawn Dusky /Blue Dusky/Apricot dusky (below and right).

Blue Duskies

Group of Blue Duskies. Duskies do not show eye-stripe markings in the feathers on the face. The under-wing is also pigmented. They are light phases duskies.
This is unlike the Trout, Blue Trout and Apricot Trout (Blau-gelb) which have eye stripes and cream/white underwing feathers. The Trout and Blau-gelb are not duskies. They are light phase mallard (below and right).

Normal Trout  no blue

Above: Apricot Trout (Blau-gelb) (Saxony).
Below: Apricot Trout drake (homozygous for blue - alias 'Saxony') and Blue Trout duck (heterozygous for blue).

Apricot male, Blue female