Geese: Pictures of the Domestic Breeds at the European Waterfowl Show, Veenendaal, Holland 2002

What is the European Waterfowl Show?
The idea of a European Waterfowl Show began in 1987 when Rudi Kurtz, Karl Reiling and Kenneth Broekman got together to organise the event. The first EWS was included in Ornithophilia, the show held annually in Holland at Utrecht. After this first ‘all waterfowl’ event, waterfowl breeders went on to hold a European Show every three years.
The Fifth European Duck Show and First European Goose Show was held in Veenendaal, Holland 24–26 October 2002. Although more waterfowl are exhibited at some of the larger shows in Germany, this one was different because it attracted a variety of birds from Denmark, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany and visitors from a number of countries in Europe plus the USA. The only thing stopping more entries from the UK, Spain and Norway, was the huge distances involved for transporting the birds. There were fifteen breeds of geese including Flemish, Czech, Normandy and Celler. Some goose breeds which were on display have now become truly international—the Toulouse, Embden, Chinese and African. Other breeds, such as the Brecon Buff from Wales, the West of England goose, and Pomeranian and Steinbacher from Germany, are increasing in popularity and were at this show too.
Extract from article in Country Smallholding, March 2003

More info on the Czech and Steinbacher

Grey and white crested (Bavent) geese from Normandy

These show sex-linked colour: grey & white females and white males.