Domestic Waterfowl in the UK

Chinese Geese - one of the most popular breeds of domestic goose

The Chinese is one of the post popular and well known breeds of domestic goose. Unofficially, there are two kinds of Chinese geese: those that hate the world and everything that moves within it, and those which have to be picked up and carried to their shed. They are so tame that they prefer to stand around your feet and won't be driven. The sort you end up with depends partly on the strain, but mainly on how you rear them and treat them. They can be wonderful watchdogs - tame and real pets with their owners, but noisy when anything unusual is around.

Breed Information: Chinese mostly come in white and grey, and in two types - the American exhibition bird and the heavier traditional English type. They are light-weight geese, weighing between 8 and 12 lbs. Some are excellent egg-layers, managing over 80 per year, but a more reasonable number of eggs is 30-40. Younger birds achieve higher figures. Older geese produce fewer eggs.
Chinas are one of the first breeds of geese that we had. Like the African, they are related to the wild swan goose and have the same wildcolour - a brown stripe down the back of the neck, and cream throat. Chinas are the most responsive goslings - speak to them and they cannot resist shouting back. Pick them up, give them attention, and they will be tame pets for life.
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This is Jasmine - our Best Goose and Reserve Show Champion at the BWA National in 1991. Jasmine's line produced these exhibition American-style Chinese (below).