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African geese are not from Africa! They are the same colour as the Chinese goose, and originated in SE China where they are called the 'Lion Head' . Like the Brown Chinese, they are the same colour as the wild swan goose - a most attractive colour with a brown stripe down the back of the neck in contrast to the cream throat. The body feathers are ashy brown, edged with a lighter shade.
They were imported into the USA in the nineteenth century, and reached Britain as the 'Hong Kong' goose in Victorian times. Good examples of the African were more or less lost in the UK by the 20th century. Most Africans here now come from birds imported from the USA from the 1970s onwards.

Exhibition Africans are imposing birds, ganders standing one metre tall. However, hand reared, they are very tame. The large head, with a stout bill, carries a crescent-shaped dewlap. The body is large and quite long, but carried fairly upright giving the birds their height. There is a great deal of variation in weight. Some varieties are quite small, reaching only 16-20 lbs. Big exhibition birds in the UK and the USA reach 26 lbs - the same as their stated weight in SE China.

Africans have also been bred in white and are similar to the Russian Kholmogorsk goose. In recent years the buff gene has been introduced from the American Buff goose and the blue gene from the Steinbacher.

We have been breeders of African geese for many years and sometimes have birds for sale, from pet to exhibition quality.

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